LEGO Photography Contest: Bad Weather

You know what they say: there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Luckily, I’ve got just the right clothes for your minifigs as the prizes for the Bad Weather LEGO photo contest!

Take a photo of your minifigs in rainy, snowy, windy, foggy, cold, or other “bad” weather conditions for a chance to win some capes, cloaks, and coats!

I’m running this LEGO photo contest on Stud Shooters from April 1 to 29 where the winner will get premium custom body wear from CapeMadness and a custom minifigure from me.

CapeMadness makes high-quality capes for LEGO minifigures that you can’t find anywhere else. Check out what’s included in the prize bundle: a black midcape with torn fur, a chainmail cape, and a printed cape with the green dragon.

Here are some shots of the torn fur and chainmail capes in action:

Also included in the prize is this custom medieval fantasy character I created, wearing a CapeMadness Hybrid Cape in dark purple, a Dreamling head, and a white hair part that’s quite rare. I’m also including the original hair and head of the Night Protector CMF from Series 22.

capemadness contest custom character 2
Custom character with CapeMadness hybrid cape

Contest Rules

To enter, take a photo of your LEGO minifigs in some adverse weather conditions (real or staged) such as rain, snow, wind, fog, or cold then share it on Reddit, Discord, or Instagram.

How do you create those weather conditions if you don’t have them? Practical effects and in-camera settings will do the trick!

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Fake some snow with flour or cornstarch, pretend it’s raining with a spray bottle of water, use wire to create the illusion of objects being blown away, or shine blue lights or adjust your camera’s white balance to suggest a colder temperature. All of these are pretty easy to pull off with any camera including phones.

Photoshop or other visual effects tools are allowed but they won’t rank as well as practical and in-camera effects. In fact, if it’s a bad Photoshop job like using a simple rain overlay on a bone-dry scene, it’ll get minus points.

Here are a couple of video tutorials on how to create some weather-related effects to help you get started:

How to Enter

Submit up to 3 new or old LEGO photos of LEGO minifigures in adverse weather conditions on Reddit, Discord, or Instagram*. Third-party accessories are allowed.

Reddit: Post your photos to r/studshooters with [CapeMadness Contest] added after your title (ex. Galen the Chronicler – [CapeMadness Contest]). Make sure to have a title to help distinguish it.

(Qualified entries will be flaired with CapeMadness Contest Entry.)

Discord: Post your photos to the #capemadness-contest channel on the Stud Shooters server.

Instagram: Mention @fourbrickstall and @weshootstuds in your caption on photos posted between Apr 1 and Apr 29. *If you’re entering old photos on Instagram, you must repost them within those dates. Any mentions on photos posted before April 1, 2024 will be disqualified.

For guaranteed visibility, I recommend you post your entries on at least 2 platforms. Any missed entries due to algorithms, shadowbanning, or other platform issues are not my responsibility.

Closing date: April 29, 2024 at 22:00 CET.


One bundle of 3 CapeMadness capes and one custom minifigure (as pictured above).

Winner Announcement

The winner will be notified via DM on the platform entered on (Instagram, Discord or Reddit) and will have 48 hours to respond.


Instagram, Discord, and Reddit are not sponsors of or affiliated with this contest.

4 thoughts on “LEGO Photography Contest: Bad Weather”

  1. Am I allowed to submit the same picture for both the Medieval March competition and this?
    I have a photo of a black falcon archer in a rainy forest that I’m really proud of and was intending to submit to the Medieval March minifigure category, but it fits even better for the bad weather competition.
    What do you recommend?

  2. How can I post it on discord . I only have the group of brick central . Can you please sent me the link for Stud Shooters on discord

    • Here you go:

      You can find this link in the post above where it says Discord.

      I’ll make it more prominent on the site and socials.

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